Puma Basket Platform 20210804

Shoes to a period of time, to be a competent buyer – evaluation. Before buying, I struggled to buy a simple and versatile white shoes or a playful new product. After asking a few friends’ opinions, I still chose this pair of playful and classic shoes. After putting on the feet, the effect is very good. It seems that the bottom of the muffin is not increased at all. I like the color very much. This pink looks comfortable and elegant, which is very gentle. I usually wear size 38. The size recommended by customer service is 37.5. It’s just right. It won’t be too tight. It’s really half the size.

Fried chicken looks good, but I think it’s still a little big, but it’s better to tie the shoelaces tightly by studying the comments. It’s mainly because the size of the shoes I used to wear in Puma is as big as that of the other shoes in puma. I feel that the size of the shoes is not much different from that of other shoes in puma, and the workmanship is very fine. In addition, the bag sent is black. I like the bag in this color very much. I’m very happy

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