Nike Hyperdunk 2017 20210904

It’s really good-looking, genuine, no need to identify at all. The only one that has a little bit of a bias. If you buy a small one, you should wait for the bottom of react to play a role!

Hd17 uses the reaction cushioning technology of the middle sole, which is not soft just on the upper foot. After playing 2 or 3 games, the middle sole gradually becomes soft and elastic. The wrapping is very good, the XDR is very wearable, and the grip is good. It’s worth buying

Got the shoes It’s a genuine one. It’s normal to wear 45 shoes. I bought 46 shoes. It’s just fine to wear a thick basketball socks. Originally wanted to buy 45.5, but read the review that this shoe is too small to buy 46.

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